About us

The Finfa jewellery brand was created through a new beginning, due to the pandemic that occurred around the world we closed our main business, a cáfe business.
So in the middle of trying to find a solution I remembered when it was my sister-in-law's birthday and I wanted to present her with a unique piece of jewellery, and I couldn't find what I had in mind. I decided to bet on an old dream, something that I know and love. It was then that the idea arose to bring a new concept of jewellery where each moment can be expressed, jewellery that can be used for all occasions. Because jewellery has the power to transmit your personality and eternalize moments. Treat yourself to some jewellery or purchase as a gift to affirm the power we have as women, and how strong we are and that we can be or do anything. And this is the feeling that jewellery brings. Remember that we can start again as many times as necessary!